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Aguadulce es uno de los destinos más turísticos de la Costa de Almería. Su palmeral recorre el litoral haciéndolo casi un lugar paradisíaco, ideal tanto para unas cortas vacaciones como para pasar un agradable invierno.

Aguadulce is the oldest of Almeria’s local resorts and one of the most attractive seaside resorts in Southern Spain. It has an attractive palm-lined promenade and numerous hotels and restaurants. It has an idyllic little harbour and a coastline that is perfect for enjoying the sun and the sea.

Aguadulce benefits from the micro climate of the Costa Almeria, due to shelter from the high mountain ranges of the Sierra Nevada’s behind it and being in a large bay. The area has the record for the highest sunshine hours and least rainfall for the entire Mediterranean coast of Europe, whilst still having large water supplies from the mountain area.

palmerias Aguadulce is still authentic Spanish and has kept a balance between being a popular vacation resort during summer while maintaining an active life during it’s equally sunny winter period.  It does not have the mass tourism of other Spanish resorts. Life here moves at a much gentler pace but is far from boring because it provides the visitor with both the facilities of a city and the relaxation of beach life. An ideal place to spend a great summer and winter.

Aguadulce center with it's marinas Over it’s short history of 75 years Aguadulce has grown from a very small fishing village to the present day as a tourist complex of hotels, apartments, restaurants and a sports marina. The marina offers a wide variety of water sports. Additionally it is also home to a shopping centre, several typical fish restaurants and the nightlife of the town. During the night, discoteques, pubs and clubs are the main gathering points for hundreds of youngsters. Without a doubt, in the summer, the sports harbour is the main gathering point for people from all over the area, where fun and nightlife is rife until the early hours of the morning.   The beach is of some two and a half kilometres and o­n average thirty metres wide.

Aguadulce has a good selection of shops, bars and restaurants to offer the visitor. In the evening you could relax by taking a pleasant stroll o­n the promenade or sampling the varied night life. The town belongs to the municipality of Roquetas, converted over the last few years into the most important tourist nucleus of the province and o­ne of the most important o­n the Andalusian coast.

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